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  1. I don't think I'm going to buy SimCity, not because I don't like the game, but because I think EA is going to drive the game to absolute and utter shit.

    The pre-order is for the "limited edition" at $60 or the "digital deluxe" edition at $80, the latter essentially adds British, French and German styled buildings for $20. This seems okay for the most part right? A little excessive, but hey, you don't have to buy it if you don't want it. Well, now look at the DLC that EA has published for The Sims 3. Different clothes, that'd be $20, nightclub add-on, that's $30, pets for your Sims will cost you $40. Oh, and don't forget Katy Perry's Sweet Treats, that will be $20 (okay, that might actually be worth it).

    You see where I'm going with this though, EA's going to just keep pumping out shit DLC at insane prices, and if we ever want the complete SimCity game it'd cost hundreds of dollars.
  2. Aha!

  3. slab, Slab...SLAB! you ok, Slab?
  4. In for some Glitcherlands 2 tonight
  5. Baorderlaonds?

    (that doesn't work at all)
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