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  1. hehehhe

    Hmm don't about the student edition the reg one worked
  2. DAMN the rep limit as well. Well, just enjoy the moment. I feel like I let down my English teachers every time I do something like this. Uch.
  3. I don't believe it!

    I used the student upgrade disk, and I had to call to activate it.
  4. SuP ???

    Just pretend this is a killer boobie pic

    Oh and btw you should be able activate win 7 upgrade with out calling. I've done it on a clean install ....
  5. I like them a little bigger.

    ( . Y . )
  6. Sup,


    ascii bobbies ftw
  7. You Rosie avatar kinda looks like Ron Jeremy. You must be a big fan
  8. So, you give good advice then?

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