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  1. i dunno..
  2. Hey poogs when are you coming back on vent? I feel so outnumbered over here :P

  3. you have no idea poogie =)

    When you come on vent i'll show you the pictures =)
  4. cool lol, by the sound of it, you did have a good party!
  5. tired...haven't dead...but it was an awesome party! :P
  6. awww roses? that's sweet :P hope you have a great day today

    how are you lil sis? :P
    Just got roses from my lil sister for my B-day 19 of them!! lol
  8. hallooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
  9. you got lol :P LOLZ

    Anyway if i speak to you on vent today dont be supried if im singing :P
  10. hihi
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