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Thread: Toys R Us Takes Advantage Of Wii Wanters

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    Toys R Us Takes Advantage Of Wii Wanters

    Super lame: Toys"R"Us Offering "Bend Over" Bundle - Wii Plus 10 Games At Full Price | ripten

    The Wii plus 10 games for $700, which is basically full price.

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    will think twice before shopping at that store again.

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    lol, how gehy....

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    I see it as TRU avoiding putting most of those games on the bargain shelf and overcharging for the console itself. As far as selection, there is no way in **** that I'm gonna pay $45 for each of those games.

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    I could see paying that much if the games you are getting are of the caliber of RE4, Legend of Zelda, Metroid Prime... etc. But they are clearly taking advantage of their customers to try and sell the absolute bottom of the barrel games with the console.

    Purely atrocious and low.
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    holy shizzy ! ! Toys R Us use to pwn i used to buy all of my Sega Genisis games there. They usually had buy one get one free or half-off sales all the time. Great memories but now im afraid they're about to lose it all and go bye bye with stupid sh!t like this The one closest to me is in Charlottesville,Va and they use to be pack all the time and now when i drive past there to go to Wood Grill there's hardly anybody there.
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