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Thread: opinions on wii?

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    The problem with the Wii (which isn't a problem for most of us, because we don't buy into the crap), is the gigantic amount of crap titles geared toward the "casual" crowd (also every other DS game).

    There are a few golden titles which are highly underrated (Zach and Wiki, excellent game), and most of the Nintendo IPs are top notch, Zelda, Smash Bros, Metroid, Mario.
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    Quote Originally Posted by panic! View Post
    Also, i own a wii, i rarely play it.
    Same here, except basketball, 3 point competitions are tons of fun.
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    I had a wii for close to a year just got rid of it. once the kid started playing my 360 I couldn't get him interested in the wii anymore. And I couldn't get over the fact of it looking like shit on my HDMI tv cause it only displays up to 420p on the wii.
    so I think if you are a social person that has allot of friends to come over and play sports games and hang out then it would be good but for hardcore gamers it sux.

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