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Thread: how many of you have soft-modded your Wii?

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    how many of you have soft-modded your Wii?

    Okay guys, I'm hugely into Wii hacking, and I was curious as to wether or not you guys were aware of it.

    What does soft modding allow one to do:
    •Run Homebrew and other such community made software.
    •Run cheat software that acts as a gameshark, known as Gecko OS.
    •Allows the Wii to play DVDs, mp3s, etc.
    •Can play backed up Wii and GC games via ISO burned to DVD.
    •Can play backed up Wii games from external devices such as an external HDD (I have a small 500gb Western Digital HDD connected to my Wii that has 120 Wii games on it!!)
    •Can install community made channels in a format known as .wad.
    •Can install channels to emulate and play roms for NES, Snes, Sega, GBA, GB, N64, etc...
    •Can freely upgrade or downgrade the Wii to whatever version.
    •Can change the appearance of the Wii's startup and menu screens (I use DarkWii, it's sick, check it out).

    If you guys are interested in doing any of this yourselves here are some links:
    Wii Brew - For All Your Wii Needs. Wii Homebrew News Wii Saved Games Wii Downloads
    Wiiso - Wii iso Nintendo Wii Games wiiiso

    if those links don't work search them in google, they're there.

    Also, search for "notes from inside your Wii" which will bring you to a blog run by the guys over at Team Twiizers (the programmers responsible for nearly all of the Wii hacking).

    In the end, there's almost no poin in owning a Wii if it isn't hacked. I actually stopped playing mine until I hacked it.

    Also, for those of you who like Smash Brothers, and more specifically Brawl, check out Brawl+.

    In short Brawl+ is stunning. It brings elements from 64, and Melee to make Brawl a much better game, from a competitive stand point. The game is nearly entirely reworked, it's outstanding what the hackers have been able to do for Brawl+. Everything from reworked physics, character balancing, added hitstun (to facilitate an actual como game), reworked lege game (speeding it up a ton, and making it less easy mode), customizable chaater textures, custom in-game music, tweaked rub speeds, added ground to air momentum (run speed transfers from ground to air in a jump, there was no momentum in regular Brawl), removed tripping, removed the 3 min limitation for replays (can bow save any length), etc...

    Check out the official Brawl+ website below. Brawl+ has already entered the tournament scene!

    Brawl+: Official Plusery Site (official webstie)
    Smash World Forums (largest smash community website. For info on Brawl+ head to the Smash Workshop sub forum)

    note: Brawl+ is available on NTSC-U Wiis without even needing to soft-mod. Look up "stack smash" (a method concieved by he guys at Team Twiizers).

    Please excuse any idiotic typos. You can thank my iTouch for that!

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    Don't have a Wii, but I modded my Xbox 1 in a similar fashion (as well as my PSP, but its gone now).
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    I figured some type of hacking existed for the Wii, but that's some real sweet features!

    If I didn't share my Wii amongst other family members at home I'd probably do this for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jfluff View Post
    I had my first experience at the original Super Duper Weenie today. It was pretty awesome.

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    I have mine done. It was incredibly easy via SD card. No soldering involved.
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    i did it yesterday, its awesome

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    I love playin all the games

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    I highly recommend ou guys hack you Wii. Wether or not you share the Wii it's well worth it. It's pretty dificult to F up your Wii. Once you've got homebrew you can install bootmii which allows you too... Back up your Wii's NAND (memory) onto an SD card. That way if you mess up hacking and brick your Wii you can restore it, ingenious!

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    I thought craigers also hacked his Wii.

    Edit: I just read what I wrote.

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    nope. never hacked my Wii. that's a very informative post Orca. thanks!

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