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Thread: 3DS

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    Re: 3DS

    Quote Originally Posted by Tulkas View Post
    I used one a couple weeks ago, and didn't find my eyes needing to adjust. There is (or was) a slider on the side that increased the "depth" added. It doesn't feel like true 3-d. How Gantua described it with adding depth of field is really accurate.

    Gantua, I was wondering if the one you got has that adjustment slider on the side, and if so what level you have it set to
    Yeah it has a slider. I've been running with it maxxed out. I may have to adjust it for better results

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    Re: 3DS

    Nintendo's dropping the price from $249.99 to $169.99. If you already have one, they're going to give you 20 free game downloads.
    Nintendo slashes price of slow-selling 3DS -

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    Re: 3DS

    oh nintendo and pulling some smart moves so that their device does not go down in history as a failed attempt at innovation.

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