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Thread: Review: Razer Lycosa

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeShark View Post
    well, it's the only backlit keyboard I have liked the look of, so I'm going to try one out now.
    Personally I like the Ideazon products (especially since I got to review one).

    Ideazon™ Precision Gaming Tools [Merc Stealth Illuminated Gaming Keyboard]
    MERC stealth is their Backlight keyboard.

    My Zboard with Software 1.0 software review (2.0 fixes all the software problems)
    The Ideazon Zboard
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    yeah, i saw that one, i like the razer look better, much cleaner.

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    If my G15 ever breaks this would be a good keyboard it appears.

    Good writeup.

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    Mmmmmm this is sweet. I was alraedy buying it before i read this, but some of those features are awesome.

    Woah, so this keyboard can be unplugged from the keyboard side as well? Thats freakin sweet, everytime my flimsy cheapass desk rack breaks I have to hold my keyboard in the air while I unplug it from my computer

    Can you disable alt+tab while in game too? I actually hit that accidentally when i hit a radio command button and Q at the same time, quite often

    Must be these clumsy fins of mine.

    nice review, tapped.
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    i didnt see a price mentioned? or maybe i cant read

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    nice review, been hoping to get one of those for myself soon, wonder if theres a way you can only have the D key luminated
    Shotty h4x FTW!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unbroken View Post
    wonder if theres a way you can only have the D key luminated
    break the led on the w,a and s

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    great review Relly! My G15 is wearing down quite a bit and I've been looking around for a replacement.

    Good job dude!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DWall View Post
    i didnt see a price mentioned? or maybe i cant read
    bout 80 bucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fish111 View Post
    bout 80 bucks
    Yep. Sorry I didn't mention this mg:

    And yeah fish, I'm sure you can make the alt tab be disabled through the options. You can make the keys be something else.

    Also, there's a way to change that hotkey combination through windows. I forget how, but there's definitely a way.

    Thanks for the replies guys

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