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Thread: 9800 Gt & Gtx+

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    9800 Gt & Gtx+

    Well it seems like the 9800 GT might not be that much better than the 8800 GT. Perhaps some testing will prove different?

    Quote Originally Posted by Article;
    9800 GT: Based on a G92(b) core with 112 stream processors and speeds of 600/1500/900 MHz for the gpu core, shader core and memory, respectively. You may notice that these specs are strictly identical to those of the GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB. The new card mainly sets itself apart with the HybridPower support.

    While the 9800 GTX+ is also equipped with a G92b and has HybridPower, this time there are 128 stream processors with speeds of of 738/1836/1100 MHz or a 9% increase compared to the 9800 GTX ď1.0″. Not bad, especially when you consider thatís itís pretty much the same price as the previous version of the GTX.

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    how did they get that, based on card specs? testing has already proved a 10 to 20% increase in performance over the 8800gtx cards.
    in which case is not a big improvement.
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