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Thread: New Sony Vaio P Super Sub-Netbook-Thingie

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    New Sony Vaio P Super Sub-Netbook-Thingie

    So what do you guys who are in <3 with netbooks think of this little gem from Sony? It has a very small customer base if you asked me, but still, it is pretty sexy with that high res screen (1600x768!) on such a little unit. It would be perfect for those overnight business trips and long flights.

    Every SKU has the same 1.33Ghz Atom inside (the Z series not the pokier N)—not incredibly speedy, and 2GB of RAM, which lets them all run Vista okay. Screen is, duh, gorgeous thanks to that incredible pixel density. The built-in 3G is Verizon only, and they wouldn't comment on a GSM version. Oh, and that $900 pricepoint? That's for Vista Home Basic—you've gotta drop a grand to get real Vista. Otherwise, the 4 different SKUs vary based mostly on storage—60GB starting up to a 128GB SSD in the $1500 model.
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    I think it kicks ass as a new segment. It's perfect for throwing in your man-purse or for chicks. It's got the wide screen so you don't scrunch up your web surfing, although it is definitely a no-go on ... picture... viewing.

    The nub-only (no trackpad) is definitely different, but I've read that the screen is outstanding and the keyboard is decent.

    At $900 starting (up to $1500), though, it's going to have a rough ride.

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    i'm torn on it...I greatly like the increase in resolution (surprise, surprise there), but I'm not sure about the overall form factor...the lack of a touchpad doesn't bother me (assuming the trackpoint is good and you can hook up a bluetooth mouse), and coffee's right in that I can see it being a great companion device for email and such on the go...

    i'm somewhat surprised though at the extreme widescreen...I know Sony wanted to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market (both in design and price, they're never going budget), but I'd kill for a 720p (1280x720) netbook...

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    I've been reading about this... and although I'm not a huge fan of Sony... I like it. I think it'll fit well with people who want something bigger than a cell phone and more functional than the crippled mini laptops out there, while still being uber portable.
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    I like it. It's better looking than most netbooks I've seen. I bet it doesn't "feel" like a cheap hunk of crap either (like most netbooks do). I also dig that there is no gay touchpad. I can't stand typing on a notebook/netbook with the touchpad enabled. Chicken-peckers probably have no idea what that's like.

    Still though, at $1,500 it would be hard for me to choose this over a traditional, small notebook PC.

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    but, can it play WoW? If so...

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    I think it's a good idea for something that you can carry without the need of a computer bag. You could easily fit that in small briefcase or satchel.
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