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Thread: "Thrustmaster GT Experience" Review too.

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    "Thrustmaster GT Experience" Review too. Thumbs up

    Well I do not have pictures but I'll weigh in on the "GT Experience" made by Thrustmaster. Right out of the box easy to use not a lot of cables to deal with. Sturdy design with the exception of the connection between pedals and steering. The connector is a phone jack plugin so handle it with care when you disconnect it, but once you get it connected no worries. Single USB connection with drivers supplied on a disc use those no reason to mess with online drivers. Just make sure you load the drivers before you connect the wheel to your rig (instructions included). Size of the wheel...well if you think about it most race cars have smaller wheels in them anyways, unless your racing a street car, plenty large enough. Depending on the game your playing use in game software to remap and/or set your force feedback levels. The wheel is not a true force feedback system...mainly uses vibration and what seems like a little tightening on the wheel so works for me. Sometimes i just disable it altogether because the wheel itself is stiff which is nice for steering through turns at high speeds. Definitely beats a joystick, controller or keyboard by miles. Of course be ready to build or improvise to keep those pedals secure. I had to build a support system out of an old 2x4. The bottom of the pedals also has two screw holes if you wanted to go that route. The wheel attaches nicely to my desk if I take out the main drawer. Looks like it will attach to about 2-3 inch width but you'll need about a foot of clearance on both sides of the desktop. But once you get all those details worked out get ready for some serious immersion unless your used to a high end racing peripheral device(s) I imagine. Ever since I got the wheel I race with the pack most of the time instead of chasing it. For about $50 bucks this wheel is great so far, we'll see about longevity but even if it only lasts a year or two I'll feel like I've gotten a great deal. So if your looking for an entry level wheel this is it. Cheers!
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    Re: "Thrustmaster GT Experience" Review too.

    I hear the feel/grip of a thrust master varies, and that you should try holding onto someone else's before settling on your favorite.
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