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Thread: Microsoft HoloLens

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    Microsoft HoloLens

    Not sure how much I'll actually get to post about this:

    Microsoft HoloLens-ms-hololens-work.jpg

    ...but I have one on my desk!

    I'm too busy for the foreseeable future so I only have a few initial impressions:

    FoV is small so it takes a bit to get used to movement and keeping things in view (center of view is your mouse pointer). Large objects or being close to something make it a bit difficult because it's harder to see with the small FoV. Haven't been able to use this in a large room yet but I think that would help for bigger models. Hopefully the next gen device is able to make it much much bigger (even into peripheral view?). If they can do that... OMG.

    It's... surreal. IMHO absolutely nothing like the Google Glass (since that was one of the first real AR experiences) - it's more like a mixture of AR and VR. It's actually incredibly hard to explain without experiencing it yourself... only thing I can think of is that when the device scans your surroundings and maps it with polygons (which you can see for a brief moment) it almost makes you feel like somehow you're in the Matrix and it just glitched. Or on the Holodeck. Need to figure out how to show others what you're looking at (which would be great for training... or heck, just showing it off).

    Amazing how it knows where you place programs on walls or objects in your environment. I can leave an area and come back and the stuff is still where I placed them. It's an "experience" just placing a 3D object in a room and then walking around it (you can't get too close to it though, or the image will clip in your view and you'll start looking at the inside of the object).

    I need to use the "clicker" more for selecting stuff. Arms get tired after holding them up for a nice while when using your hands for gestures (or heck, talk to it. but that's weird lol).

    Need to spend more time learning how to program apps for it... and how to actually get them installed to test... and time on the forums for the HoloLens to figure out all this stuff lol. It's so dang new that MS is also curious about it's limitations - including it's ability to (or limitations with) map outdoor areas (which i'm very curious about).

    I believe there's a 64GB drive in it so it's not like there's a ton of space... but it certainly can be bigger. i mean... it's a FULL computer. seriously. no wires. not tethered to anything. It's truly mobile. And in that case - thinking about this as a highly specialized full computer with screen and speakers... the cost makes sense too (especially since the non-development version will certainly be cheaper).

    This thing has tons of potential. Man - wish I wasn't so busy! And that I had a Vive to compare it to
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    Re: Microsoft HoloLens

    I'd love to get a trial on one of these.

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