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Thread: Is the 8886 LCD good for gaming also?

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    Is the 8886 LCD good for gaming also?

    A lot of the gamers have the 5660, but I haven't heard anything about the 8886 and gaming. Is the LCD as good for gaming?

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    Other than you can't run the 8800 series @ 1600 X 1200 it has a GREAT view for gaming or anything.

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    The LCD should well well for gaming. You won't be able to achieve 1600x1200 but then most of the new games won't run well at that resolution with max details. Another plus is that you get a bigger screen

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    i think deciding between these 2 is going to be the hardest decision i will ever have to make in life :confused: somebody tell me something they hate about one of them that the other would be a better choice!

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    I think the only disadvantages the 888x series has is:

    -price (a few hundred more)
    +/- screen resolution (some people prefer to have a lower native resolution)

    If you neither of these matter too much then go with the 888x Either way I think you should wait for the review by PCTORQUE before you decide. He'll have hands on experience with both and that'll probably be the best comparison to weigh your decision on.

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    I do a lot of programming, and having a sharp screen that is easy on the eyes is very important. If anyone has used both the 56xx and the 88xx models, in your opinion which has the better LCD for viewing text?

    - UkeNuke

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