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Thread: tweaking the 5660 for gaming

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    tweaking the 5660 for gaming

    Hi everybody, I've finally gone over to the dark side.
    I've been a Apple user for many years, but because I enjoy gaming, and because I need a pc for my work, I caved-in and bought a Sager.
    (which by the way rules). I am a novice at using winxp. I can follow
    a lot of the lingo I've read in this forum, but much has been
    too detailed.

    My question is this. I am extremely happy with the gaming quality of my lappy, especially when playing MoH. But, I've been reading
    about the many ways to tweak winxp to get the most out of the
    r9000 and the gaming experience. Any help (in the most basic way) would be

    By the way, what does lol mean. I see it a lot, but have no idea what it stands for.

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    LOL = Laugh out loud.

    As for gaming, it's always a good idea to disable any unnecessary background programs you may have running. On the lower right corner of your taskbar, right click and disable whatever you can - e.g. ICQs, Anti-virus programs etc.

    There're loads other things one can do to - e.g. tweak memory settings on the ATI9K card by way of a third party program, but I don't have a Sager 5660 so won't know the specific settings that you can try without conking out the whole notebook.


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    If you want to tweak an XP machine for gaming, go here:

    There are different configurations listed depending on what you want to use XP for. This is a great site.

    Martin Parrott

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    You can also download many programs that tweak xp... like "TweakXP" :-) There are demos all over the net. Mainly, just set your swap file to 1.5 times your ram both min and max. Do this by going into the control panel, clicking system, click the advanced tab, click performance, click the advanced tab, click "change" and set the custom size initial and max to the same value so the page file doesn't fragment your drive. Hope that helps a lil :-)

    Sager rules. Computers rule. Cheese rules. What else is there?
    :-) Welcome to everyone! Everyone on these forums is excellent.

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