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Thread: Help: Internet Browser keeps redirecting me.

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    Re: Help: Internet Browser keeps redirecting me.

    MSE for detection, MBAM for removal. I usually just keep MalwareBytes saved as ma deuce on my usb along with Rkill saved as iexplore.exe. Those have stopped everything I've run into except for the occasional bad rootkit which combofix can take care of. It's also worth it to toss in an exe fix (.bat or .com) in case the virus won't let you run executables. (the browse program to open exe error)

    @OP load rkill and mbam on a usb like I have it, drag rkill to the desktop and run it, then install mbam, update, and run a full scan. A quick scan usually gets everything, but I've had some nasty trojans that lurked in recovery partitions and whatnot. Shouldn't take too much longer anyway. It's recommended to rename MBAM and rkill since the more advanced viruses will prevent them from executing.

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    Re: Help: Internet Browser keeps redirecting me.

    spybot S&D is good for removing stubborn infections.

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    Re: Help: Internet Browser keeps redirecting me.

    What about that virus that wipes out your registry and buttons and overloads your hard drive to the point of forcing the head off the disk? Not even MB can stop the hell that virus unleashes.

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    Re: Help: Internet Browser keeps redirecting me.

    Education will foil any virus, be smart about what you do on the computer and you will be OK for the most part. If you don't need java or flash don't install them at all, use Google Chrome so you don't need an app for PDf files..

    The Zero-Day blog @ Ziff-Davis did a nice write up of good security practice for everyone.

    Ten little things to secure your online presence | ZDNet

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    Re: Help: Internet Browser keeps redirecting me.

    Yeah I read that the other day, added these chaps and a couple of others to my Google Reader from your links DigitalDD - thanks
    "Always be wary of any helpful item that weighs less than its operating manual."

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