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Thread: Mobile Game - Where's My Water?

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    Mobile Game - Where's My Water?

    This is a goofy little game put out by Disney. Where's My Water? is available for Android and iOS in their respective markets. It's a progressively more difficult problem-solving game that's gaining some traction. Where's My Water? uses a basic physics engine to move water around on the screen. Your goal is to get water to Swampy's shower. It starts out simply and eventually gets challenging. Much like Angry Birds, it's a great time killer when you're in a waiting room, in line, etc. Disney seems to have done their homework, because it's very well designed, very polished, and as far as I've experienced, bug-free. It's a free game with the obligatory option to buy the paid version.

    You can find out more at the official Disney site, and and even play a browser flash version of the game, too:

    Where's My Water? | Disney

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    Re: Mobile Game - Where's My Water?

    I played the iOS version on my iPod Touch a long time ago but never bothered with the android version. It is much fun, and fairly challenging IMO. A good choice to give some love if you are looking for something new to fill your time when you are commuting or waiting in line..

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    Re: Mobile Game - Where's My Water?

    Also played it on iPhone long time ago. I only like playing these games initially. I find them cheap quick fun, but not very re-playable and often duplicated and repeated.

    Excellent screen shot DC.

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    Re: Mobile Game - Where's My Water?

    Had a wee go last night on the tablet, It really is very polished as you say.
    Good fun.

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