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    Has anyone tried this game yet. After GT: Prologue (DEMO!) and NFS Pro Street I was getting a lil mad at racing games. Then GRID came along. This, IMHO, is one of the best racing games I've ever played. The cars handle well. Having the crowds go OOOOOOO and the MC announcing your impeding death after a huge accident was a definite plus. I love this game and suggest anyone else who likes racing games give it a try. Anyone else either love it or hate it?

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    haven't tried it yet, but would like to

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    It's a bit performance hungry so Ima wait till a little later.

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    i've heard good thing, is there a PC demo? or only a 360 one?

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    It's actually built on an updated version of the engine used in DiRT. However, they've improved it so much. Everything looks more incredible than with DiRT, yet it actually has higher framerates.

    As for the racing, it's definitely intense and fun, but I wouldn't put it on the same page as GT or Forza. GRiD is nothing more than a beautiful, fun, fast-paced arcade racer. GT and Forza are arcade-sims, and games like Live for Speed, GTR2, etc. (most PC racing games) are just straight sim games.

    Anyway, I got it on the 360 and it's amazing that it looks so well and still maintains >30 FPS at all times. Need for Speed ProStreet doesn't look half as nice, but it's performance is terrible. When racing around a track and there are cars going on, the game dips below 30 FPS easily. If you drive through a tunnel, the game will jump up to 60 FPS, and then when you exit you get instantly slowed down to 30 FPS and it makes driving difficult. You don't get this with GRiD. It's high frame-rates all the time.

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