I have to agree with Jewtino. I haven't enjoyed NFS since Underground 2 either. Truth is, racing with a joypad sucks. NFSU games are way better with a wheel. Alas, there is no widescreen support so these are dead games except on my Xbox. I just ran both of them yesterday and I've forgotten how bad the resolution is. Still, I didn't like them for the gameplay (except with a wheel/pedals). I liked them for their look and feel overall.

But drift and drag racing were the two things that I hated. It was like a hurdle I had to jump to get back to street racing.

Overall, EA hasn't sold nearly as many NFS games since NFSU2. I think they're looking for the next magic bullet and live in fear of being labeled as sequel pushers (as if they aren't anyway). They get a good thing going and screw it up with design by committee mistakes. It always has to be more, doesn't it? No, not really.

I just wanted to race, and make my cars look sweet. Is that not enough? Leave the sims to the sim guys. They'll always do it better, so do what you did best and stick with it.