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@ Denny: So graphics is not on the top of your realism list I take it.
For a racing game? No, I want it all. For me at least, GT5 has all I want in a racing game. Near photo-realistic graphics, great physics with nothing cartoony, the aforementioned ability to to adjust something on the car and have similar results compared to a real car on a real track. We have a silly game, too... Sonic- Sega All Stars Racing. That's something The Girl and I can play together on a split screen from the couch and enjoy some totally unrealistic cartoon racing. But, I'd rather play GT5 any day.

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CSS falls into a middle ground... It's not exactly Arma or BF2, but its not Quake either...
Quake, Doom³, Unreal Tournament, HL2: DM, L4D, TF2, most of those are fun games, but I'll take the different versions of Counterstrike, BF:BC2, Day of Defeat, etc. They worked hard to create a realistic experience over sending you into a fantasy world. I like a game that's real world in gameplay where you can focus on strategy and have fun with the community. CS:GO is great because the graphics are better, but there's still Office, Dust 2, Aztec, etc... You can enjoy the new eye candy but still play the same maps with the same groups and find new things to like all over again.

tl;dr: realistic games for Denny most of the time.