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Thread: KG Reviews: Grid 2

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    KG Reviews: Grid 2 Post

    This isn't Fucking Mario Kart.
    I am a fan of Racing games. I am not the biggest fan, I will not go out of my way to play every racing game out there, but I will most certainly play whatever game I have to DEATH. Let's clarify that for a second. What do I mean by Racing game? I don't mean Mario Kart, but I do mean Forza. Is Mario Kart a racing game? Yes, but its not the type of game that you would call a racing simulator. Forza on the other hand is both a racing game, and a racing simulator. So when I say I play racing games and that I play said games to death; Gran Turismo4? Dead. Forza 4? Dead. Dirt 3? 6 ft under. And I am very much looking forward to Project Cars, and the next Forza installation on the Xbone. But then this puts me at a predicament. Some people would not call Dirt a racing simulator, although it does a very good job of making the world of rally seem immersive and accessible. Its controls were easy, and the realism just wasnt there, but when it comes down to it the game was not an arcade game. It wasnt meant to be something you pickup and put down at a moments notice. When you played any of the Dirt series, you had to devote some time to it, to master the way the cars handled on every type of terrain. Its really tricky to try and associate any of the CodeMasters games with a Sub Genre of Racing games, F1 2011 and the first Grid game were difficult ones to nail on the head. The cars would react to dirt or water or grass in a very real way. Its this type of delicate balancing act that makes CodeMasters a fantastic racing game developer. They dont want to make a racing simulator, they want to make a game that rides the line between realism, and arcade. Its very fun while at the same time it is something that takes real skill, there is a detail and precision within that you will notice and appreciate. Grid 2 has found this precise location on that line to ride, it has found the "Apex" of Racing Simulator and Arcade Game. This is not Need For Speed, this is not Burnout, this is not Forza, and this is certainly not Mario Kart.

    I can't see my house from here, but the view is nice.
    It has been a long time since I reviewed the first Grid. Back when Grid one came out, PC was the untouchable master of Hi-definition graphics. Games like Grid, Half-life 2, Company of Heroes and others reigned supreme over the likes of Halo and Call of Duty. Console games? You might as we have used a flip-book your little sibling made to show off the graphics. But 6 years later its a different story. Console games are not at the top but they are biting PC gaming's legs, trying to get to the sweet succulent brains of what makes PC gaming so much better looking. This is very obvious in Grid 2. It was not built with the PC in mind in terms of graphics. The lighting detail and the resolution is clearly something that was made with the console as primary, leaving the PC version with something to be desired. Grid 2 lacks in definition, but makes up for it with flare. Sun beams and refracting light off of car panels and pavement look fantastic, crashing your car is worth the loss of a race when you can slow down time and view your cars untold pain and agony from every angle from start to finish. Time of Day makes massive differences in the appearance and feeling of a race track, the black of night on a track that I had raced 50 times was alien to me, and the headlights on your car need to be around to help you navigate the frightening dark turns. Buildings create a distinctive feel to every map, Dubai actually feels like a desert oasis, Chicago feels like a busy crowded city, and Paris is crowded and overrated. Its a beautiful game even without the massive amount of processing power it would take to let you count all of the treads on your tires. But why would you want to? Its pretty, and you wont spend the time noticing its flaws when you need to finish a race.

    Where is the "Any Key"?
    Do not play this game with a keyboard. I tried and it sucks. This really doesnt need to be said when you play a racing game on your PC, but just to make sure you dont accidentally start up Grid 2 and try to use your keyboard then decide its a shitty game, DONT USE YOUR KEYBOARD. Get an Xbox Controller, get a racing wheel, get any other form of peripheral input to play this game. The sensitivity that you need to play Grid 2 will not come from tapping your keyboard over and over. Grid 2 is compatible with just about every input controller out there, you could even use a joystick if you felt the need. When you find the right controller, Grid 2 feels spot on in terms of handling the car. Finding the Apex of every turn isnt easy, but its very fun even when you are not perfect. Inclines and declines on the track will noticeably change the way your car handles, and so will drifting a turn and hitting bump with the back end. If you are not careful your car will get away from you. The people behind Grid 2 took all of the things they learned from the Dirt series and even the F1 series to make sure that there are plenty of different surfaces that affect the way your car moves.

    Why is it that Heroes always start at the bottom?
    Grid 2 actually has a campaign(sort of). I have been spoiled with racing games lately when it comes to Forza and Forza Horizon, in those games there are "campaigns" but they just feel like one race to the next without much else going on. Grid 2 isnt along the lines of games like The Last of Us, Mass Effect, or Even Halo. But they do just enough to make you feel like there is purpose other than just saying " Go here. Win. Yayyyy, here's a new car." At the start of the game you are given options to name your driver, select an audio name, and then they start you off by saying that one disembodied voice is your mechanic/team manager and the other is a wealthy businessman that wants to make you the star of his new racing league. As the game goes on you gain sponsors, encourage driving clubs to join your new league, and each of the disembodied voices continually reassure you and cheer your name. Its refreshing when the game keeps saying your name(if its available), and cheering you on. There are not hundreds of cars in Grid 2, but they have enough to keep any gear head satisfied. Muscle cars and super cars and asian imports are all part of the game. Each of them are categorized within Tiers, and subgroups within those tiers. Sometimes you are limited to racing with certain sub group, other times you are limited to the tier. An old school mustang can race a small Mazda, a Mclaren MP4-12C can race an Ariel Atom and so on. This time around Grid has not been as restricted on what can race what. Also, instead of relying on a steady income of cash from winning your races, there is no sort of money management to speak of. You race, you win Fans that support your racing league, and then when the time is right you can either drive a car and beat a time to win it, or they offer you a choice between two cars to get you started on a new car style. Its a refreshing change of pace, getting you the full car collection and letting you focus on choosing whatever car you would like before each race, rather than having to pick a car with the limited funds you have then realizing you made a terrible mistake midway into a race.

    Rejoice! You can play against random little kids, and show them how awesome you are.
    The online racing experience is a another kind of beast. Its unforgiving, strict, and kind of a bitch. You start from bare bones roots with the shittiest car possible and have to manage money not only to buy new cars, but to also buy EVERY SINGLE COLOR for EVERY SINGLE PIECE of a racing livery. It gives you a little more diversity than the single player does, but really makes you feel like they are tying you into one car and forcing you to race to earn your stripes. Multiplayer also gives you the option to upgrade your car in different ways, rather than just running with stock everything. Its an interesting take in a racing game that the online has more customization than the single player does. There are no slow downs or repeats, if you fuck up you have to make up for it with real skill. There are no hand outs. The options for choosing your race type or specifying what track you would like to play are incredibly limited. Basically its just match making, and no choice to make a server of your own.

    If you cannot tell by now, I really like Grid 2. Its a long overdue sequel that makes up for it by adding in new features, updating everything we loved, and making sure its adapted to the new climate of gaming. Its not good enough to go tell your neighbor to play it, but if you know someone that has enjoyed racing games in the past, you should be forcing them to play it. Its pretty, fun, it wont leave you wanting for more, and incredibly well balanced.

    I still have some graphical fuck-up that messes with my framerates. Im playing a single-player race and my FPS will drop from a solid 60 to 3, then back to 60 for less than a second, over and over and over. idk what is going on and CodeMasters has not released a fix for this problem. Changes in graphics quality to not make a difference, and all of the suggestions people have made online have not alleviated the problem. Its not so bad that i cant play the game, but its just enough that its annoying.

    Do you like racing games? Go get this one. Do you not care for racing games? This one can fly under your radar, save your money for something else. I would give it a 8.9 out of 10. Its not perfect, but its a damn good use of my time.

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    Re: KG Reviews: Grid 2

    Excellent Kage

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    Re: KG Reviews: Grid 2

    Nice review you've convinced me to pick this up.

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    Re: KG Reviews: Grid 2

    Nice - need a wheel for the PC :P
    "Good...Bad...I'm the guy with the gun."

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    Re: KG Reviews: Grid 2

    Funny that you're so happy with this, I think we fit in the same category of racing gamers. Most GRID fans love the first and Autosport, but Grid 2 was an arcadey departure from the more hardcore games people have come to expect from Codemasters, like the DIRT series. I don't want hardcore, I want fun, and Grid 2 is fun as fuck. Autosport was too touchy, Dirt Rally is unfinished and bland, I think Grid 2 was just right, glad you liked it.
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