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Thread: Shacknews Explains The New Service

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    Shacknews Explains The New Service

    The new will feature standard panes for news, profiles/avatars, and achievements. The biggest news was the new "Real ID" system, which allows players to communicate across all of Blizzard's games in Xbox Live fashion.

    Real ID also links achievements across all of Blizzard's games and characters, meaning players won't need to re-earn achievements on one character that they earned on another.

    Pardo went into detail on custom map support. Map makers can now publish their work directly to the service.

    A future system that won't be available at launch dubbed the "StarCraft 2 Marketplace" will allow players to find and browse maps, and rate and comment on those maps. The system will also support "premium" maps, which map makers can choose to charge a fee for.

    The party system works in a similar way to inviting buddies in World of Warcraft. Once in a party, the leader can select the game and begin the match. After the round is over, the party simply heads back out to the party lobby.
    This actually looks pretty good. I just hope that they support 3rd party maps, hacks (legit ones on closed server/realms of course), and other community created goodies.

    Link - Shacknews

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    thought it was kinda interesting that you could actually make money selling your maps (if they're good enough). that's pretty cool stuff.

    But I don't like having to pay for any maps. that's stupid.
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    ooo, i like the last tidbit!

    get decals for your armies!

    this is exciting stuff
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    Quote Originally Posted by FuzzyLogik View Post
    But I don't like having to pay for any maps. that's stupid.
    Exactly. Its already frustrating paying $10 for 3 maps (which everyone else has) on top of a $60 console game.
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