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Thread: enemy territory help

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    enemy territory help

    so... i think i have dwnlded the right updates and everythingl... got it all from


    each time i connect to a server, it goes through the loading page, then, as soon as the load is complete, instead of going to the game, i get an "server disconnected for no apparent reason" message. wtf? i want to game!

    sager 8890 3.2 1 gig ram... win xp pro... etc


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    sometimes if you connect right away after you get that message, it will work...

    are you sure you have the latest patch? last time i played, they were at 1.02...i dont know what they are at now tho..havent played in about a month or two...

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    Do you have punkbuster turned on - a lot of servers wont allow you to connect without it. Also a lot of servers will sometimes boot your ass if they are waiting for a specific person - try some of the less crowded ones to start.

    ET is great but under linux I get the wierdest graphics glitches - which is a royal PITA
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    just keep hitting reconnect a couple of times and it should eventually work. Could also just be that for some reason punkbuster doesn't like you, punkbuster messes up a lot.
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