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Thread: What is wrong with my laptop?

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    What is wrong with my laptop?

    Hey, I have been buying several new games over the last several days to play on my 3.06 gigahertz 5670, and all but one of them (FS2004) play like crap, the crappy ones being knights of the old republic, Lock on: modern air combat, and dungeon siege, am I doing something wrong? any suggestions? help!

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    uff,i dont know the rest but lock on consumes lots of resources, anyway it seems strange

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    itll almost always be one or more of these 4 things.. SPYWARE (eats your mem), Graphic Drivers, fragmentation, or Lack of RAM.. assuming that your 3ghz system came with more than 512, i dont think thats your problem, check your drivers, and spyware.. also, goto and run the tests.. itll tell you if something is wrong..

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    How much RAM do you have?
    What else are you running at the same time?
    What drivers are you using?
    What settings are you using on the games?
    What settings are you using on your machine?
    How clean is your machine? Both hard and soft ware wise.
    Finally, what does "play like crap" mean? Do they lock up? Are they jerky? Do you get artifacts? What?
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    Keep in mind as your machine gets older you may have to compromise on quality of grpahics and turn them down a little on the newer games to get better speeds. That being said Dungeon Seige should run just run on your HW. Try defrags, check for spyware, check for viruses, run the latest ATI drivers (I prefer omegas).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bratag
    Keep in mind as your machine gets older you may have to compromise on quality of grpahics and turn them down a little on the newer games to get better speeds.
    Or, keep in mind that though your machine is newer you may have to compromise on quality of graphics and turn them down a little on the newer games to get better speeds.
    I run KOTOR at 1024x768, and I think "Wait for Vert Sync" MUST be on. I had to tweak it alot and set OpenGL and Open3D towards Performance to get it to run at the beginning. I'm about 80% through it now and it just started crashing again, severely, so I discovered there is yet another patch, v.1.02, on the web site. I loaded it, rebooted, and I'm running fine again. Great game.
    DeusExIW is another new game that MUST be patched. I run it at 800x600 (!!), but it does run. Graphics are set toward Performance here too.
    As noted, turn off ALL misc background apps when gaming.
    Personally I'm happy to be gaming on a laptop at all, after hearing for so long "you can't do that, the LCD refresh rate is too slow" etc. etc. I'm on ATI Omega drivers also, 3.9 presently. 3.6 were very stable for me, 3.7 and 3.8 were crap. I've heard good things about 4.1 but haven't tried them yet.
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