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Thread: What makes a good gaming server?

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    What makes a good gaming server?

    Hello everyone,

    On occasion, I have a Battlefield 1942 server set up at my house and I wanted to know what hardware makes the most difference in server performance. RAM?? Processor?? I have Roadrunner (Cable ISP provider) at home and some times all of the pings are below 60 and sometimes it just totally stinks. (>600ms) Is there any tweaks or anything I can do to make my server better? Here are my specs:

    AMD 2100+ processor
    512 MB PC2700 DDR RAM
    ATI Radeon 8500 128MB video card
    80 GB 7200 RPM HDD

    I think this is all of the important information on my system. Let me know what you think! Thanks!

    P.S.- Let me know if anyone wants to get together and play!! :headbang:

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    One thing and one thing only will make your server the best ... bandwith ... scuze me .. upstream bandwith NOT downstream.

    You see went YOUR playing on a server you downstream FROM the server ... when you host the game the players will downstream from your server causing your server to upstream the data to them.

    Nevermind you got good cable or good DSL if your upstream is capped it wont make a good server.

    If you could make a server of a home internet access the ISP's couldn't sell you their hosting services that cost WAY more than your little access.

    True you can have a dedicated server at an ISP next for nothing but there is something that they will always charge you and thats your bandwith transfers and when your hosting a gaming server ... ouch you will have lots of transfers.

    if you got more questions dont hesitate to ask.

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    Cable upstream can handle about 8 people. Upper DSL can do about 12. You'll need an uncapped modem (illegal in most cases) to go above 16. The EAUK servers are on 100 Mb connections with Dual Xeons and an assload of RAM...uberpowerhouses.
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