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    Far Cry Multiplayer

    The multiplayer beta comes with three modes -- assault as well as team-based and free for all deathmatch. In assault players are divided into two teams -- one attacking and one defending. The attacking team must capture three separate objectives by capturing certain flags. Once your team has touched a flagpole, a countdown begins until the attacking team's flag is raised up the pole. The defending team can halt a capture by hitting the pole again and stopping the countdown. Once an asset is captured by the attackers, it remains theirs until the game is won. This helps to make the matches a bit more decisive than the back and forth action found in Battlefield.

    This is an artical. I haven't located a download available yet. But it cant be long.

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    there is a multiplayer demo, of sorts.

    If you search through the forums a little, someone modded the demo to allow for multiplayer. All you need to do is download a few small files and your set!

    He also modded the map too- added another island with a huge jump and skeleton warriors guys. He did a really good job.

    THe multiplayer works pretty good, except that for some reason the jeep isnt there.

    Give it a try, ts worth it. I dont have a direct linkt hough, sorry.
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