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Thread: Question on game install

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    Question on game install

    Hey guys, I just finally picked up Half Life 2 GOTY edition for my new gaming rig. It comes with CS:S and a few other titles. Anyway, the problem is when I tried to install the whole suite of games my computer would just sit there for hours and not do anything. I noticed that it always would get a Counter Strike file and stop there. Sometimes it would eventually give me an error and sometimes not. So, after playing with it a bunch I eventually just installed Half Life 2 and it installed fine. So I get everything loaded up and open a Steam Account and it goes to update the games. Well I noticed that it was updating CS:S, which I thought was odd. I also then noticed that my cpu was sitting at 50% usage, all from Steam. That didn't seem right for just downloadnig updates as I wasn't playing a game. I tried to pause the CS:S download and it froze Steam and I had to End Process it. Once I started it back up the CS:S download was paused and guess what, the cpu was not running at 50% anymore, it was just diling like normal. So for some reason it seems that CS:S is corrupt on this disc or something, I'm not sure. I bought the disc from Target, can I take it back after I've opened it? I'm not exactly sure what to do.

    I just looked at the discs and they're all fine but disc 1, which has a tiny bubble in the metal lining on the top of the cd. So I'm guessing that's what is causing the corrupt daat, either that or the cd is just bad. What is the best thing to do? I don't even know if I haev the reciept for it.
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    You can just DL steam and install from there, just enter your CD key and you should be good. Might take a while though.

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    I have the HL2 Disc set with css/hl2 on it and it works fine.

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