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Thread: Why the aliases?

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    Lol Opps, Sorry Lil Yang, I'll clarify that..

    Quote Originally Posted by YangsLilBro
    So last night I played with these [RRTS] guys that were trying to be like DOOM the movie characters and all they did was camp spawn with awps in garage... So I took the liberty to test them out under my alias
    I said "An admin should should slay those guys for camping spawn" and of course one of them started using racial slurs and etc. - slayed. Then not only that but I got a demo of one of their members getting nothing but headshots and blatently hacking so I banned him. :thumbup: Now thats why I use aliases cause its oh so much fun :laughing:
    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzy Logik
    Lol Lil Yang.
    Then from the top of the page, refering to my post on the previous page about the water cooling kit I got for my vid card...

    Quote Originally Posted by Vincent Vega
    dude, that is seriously a cool idea. I never saw that before

    do they make a version of that thing for the CPU? I've had servers with shrouds that help direct air to the outside and not soak inside the case, but something like that would blow the heat right out the back which is awesome
    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzy Logik
    As for the cooler, I believe you can take what I'm getting, get a different waterblock and you could use for your cpu. But if you're going to do that, you might as well get something that does the CPU and GPU...

    Hopefully that makes things a little bit clearer

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    AH!! much better :P

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