Today I purchase my Special Forces CD. At the beggining I was happy But,
Just 5 minutes passed and I notice some crappy bug, You lose points for nothing. On the first game I get a vehicle damage, and then a kill punish. On other game, as a commander i got a -12. I understand that some servers has the friendly fire on, but if you put a claymore and if in 10 minutes a team player get killed u can be punished? This is the same that suicides to kill your team members. Someime as a support (no mines, claymores or C4) i got vehicle damages.

EA & Dice u got more work to do.:thumbdown

Today also i got my 2142 ticket. Hope EA and Dice fix all that stupidity. That's shows how professional are both companies. If you need help, contact us, but at least send some free games. if your programmers sux, there are a lot good progz on this server. :censored:

Yes im upset. You pay for a little time of fun and iyou got a bad day. :nono: