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Thread: Co-Op FTW! :thumbsup:

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    Co-Op FTW! :thumbsup:


    Me and 4 friends (2 SSgts and 2 GunSgrts), had the most fun we've ever had in Bf2.

    Do this:

    1) Local LAN
    2) Bot settings - They have their team, humans have their own. 5 humans vs. 43 bots FTMFW!
    3) Bot brains - 10
    4) Max tickets and a 5 second respawn

    My human team was USMC at Karkand, and no matter what we did, we couldn't capture the Hotel or any other place to the mass of enemy MEC there were.

    But, all of us got practice sniping, tanking, APC'ing, and working as a team. I'd advice everyone to use Co-Op in this way... I wound up with 900+ points at the end of the round. Too bad it wasn't ranked. :'( :thumbup:
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    Wish some of my friends liked BF2. Would be fun to have some Lan games.

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