Just saw this article so I had to check it out.

Say goodbye to getting fragged by lag. Yesterday, SingNet launched its new low latency broadband service called PINGpower at a popular youth hangout Far East Plaza. There, to the tune of noisy gunfights and "counter-terrorists" taking out the ski-masked "terrorists," Counter-Strike style, SingNet officially launched its new service. The gunmen repelled down from the fifth story and even appeared to be firing blanks. I say appeared because it was so noisy and crowded I couldn't hear much of the action!

Latency is basically the time taken for data packets to travel from the gamer's PC to the game server and back. The longer this time takes, the higher the latency. To gamers, high latency is hell as it means getting slowed down or worse get frozen in the middle of battle and losing the war.

The new service offers substantially lower latency for gamers of multiplayer online games. It is typical to get ping rates of between 40-50ms for first-person shooter games, and that's considered good, but with PINGpower, the number goes down to 10ms and even to single digits.

However, PINGpower works only for SingNet customers logging into special local servers hosted by the operator. A mix of network and server optimization leads to the exceptionally low latency numbers. There are four games which gamers can now take advantage of for PINGpower: Counter-strike 1.6, Counter-strike Sorce, Battlefield 2 and Day of Defeat.

More games will be added in the future, SingNet has said. The new service is available to all SingNet Broadband customers who will need to fork out an additional S$$9.90 per month to get the low latency addon service.

Unfortunately, this works only for the games on SingNet's local servers. So World of Warcraft fans, I'm afraid, won't be getting even double-digit latency rates anytime soon.
So basically you pay $10 a month to play on a semi-LAN server