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Thread: BF2 Messed Up.

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    BF2 Messed Up.

    Hey, Its me jojo. I've spoken too some of the members about this problem, but I havent found a solution yet. I have a problem with BF2 when ever I go to connect too a server, strafe right as an example. It will load..etc etc, but occasionally, the "play now" button will not come up, and my Battle field will close. Also I have problems with Punk Buster. When I connect too some servers, I get kicked from PB, because of insufficent O/S privilleges, and I only run on an administrator account on my windows. Also I get kicked for a Video Driver Hack, Rich. says that it maybe a crack that allows lower grade video drivers to view/play in higher quality, but I've never known of anything in that existence. If anyone has any help too any of these problems, please let me know. It would be appreciated alot, thanks.


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    do a complete reinstall of the game.

    there's a superfast link to the 1.3 patch in our downloads section so you dont have to worry about downloading the update.

    that's the best way to go

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    Plus you might want to watch how you start your threads, on BF2 we kick or ban people for language and it wouldn't look good if they came here asking to be unbanned and we've got threads with titles like this one

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