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Thread: battlefront II

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    battlefront II

    anyone played it? Is it worth getting? I play CS:S and Battlefield 2, would I like this game?
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    This is a General Gaming question...I'll move it for ya

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    I played it on the xbox with my friend. Its good. I don't know how i would like it on the PC. I think it would be a great game for LAN Partys
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    I have it, it is very similar to Battlefield2. except there are no medics just healing bots, and health pick ups. Also includes the space maps which BF2142 is using in their own way. I thought it was fun until sub D-bag whores it and becomes a hero then destroys and whores with the damn lightsaber :furious:

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    fr33king good improvement from the 1st. good graphics, the first-person models and anims kinda suck, but it's an uber game (especially in instant action where you can saber-whore against all the noob bots [i only wish you could fight other Jedi in instant action though])

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