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Thread: Age of Conan - Blood Money.

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    Age of Conan - Blood Money.

    Latest tidbit about PvP in Age of Conan.

    For those to lazy to read it, here is a summary. Players are going to get a currency called Blood Money earned by taking it from other players you defeat in PvP. This money can buy special pvp abilities. Thus it creates a reason for players to try and hunt down and take down the strongest of the strong, instead of going after lowbies since they will have far more Blood Money than the average or weak player.

    This game is defintely looking up. Hope they pull it off well.

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    Meh. I'm more of a W.A.R. supporter as far as upcoming MMOs go. But I got to say this whole "Blood Money" thing really caught my eye. Even added myself to Age of Conans newletter. Game is looking pretty sweet IMO.

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