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Thread: CSS Crashing in-game

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    CSS Crashing in-game

    I am having a problem with CSS crashing. It happens when I enter a game. When I enter it, either right as I do or a few seconds after I get in, I crash to desktop and get the windows error report prompt.

    Specs are:

    Dell Laptop Latitude D820
    2.0GHz Dual Core Intel Centrino
    2.0 GB RAM DDR2
    NVIDIA Quadro 120m 512MB
    100GB HDD 7200RPM

    I hear that other people can play CSS fine on this model with worse specs. However Im trying to play at college and have to use Cisco software to connect to the campus wireless network.

    Thanks for any help.:thumbup:

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    Well that video card isn't helping any...its a workstation card, not a gaming solution.

    But it should theoretically still work. But don't expect much performance.

    I'd update drivers and if the problem persists, I'd reinstall the game.

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    Well, the thing is I played it while I was at Disney World, I did have to put the graphics way down, but I really just want to play. Im betting the 3rd party software I have to use to connect to the wireless network might be getting in the way. I'll give your solution a shot though. Any other help would be awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig
    reinstall the game.

    exactlly what you need to do. :thumbup:

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