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Thread: Worrying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcll2002
    being under age ftl
    u @

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    Some Hotel Somewhere
    Shin lives!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Switchblade
    I play better when I'm on a sugar high :rofl:

    Sugar high > Being drunk

    Tastes good and doesn't leave you retarded for the next several hours, or give you a hangover

    Sugar FTW!

    One can always tell when an underager posts about boozing

    hunter is probably the best drunk player I've ever seen. The more he drinks, the better he plays.

    Quote Originally Posted by Craig View Post
    damn, that's big!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hall
    Im just not good. (period)
    Hall I love playing with you. Play more!!! :thumbup:

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