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Thread: connection issues

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    connection issues

    Ok, theres no section that i saw for cs1.6 so i'll post my issue here. I'm not sure whats going on, but whenever I am in a CAL scrim, my internet connection always hangs and i get disconnected. I have cs1.6 running along with vent for our chat. i'm not sure what happens, but the internet hangs and i have to reboot the pc and the modem. i called verizon today (we have dsl) and they tried to blame it on the server, however nobody else in the clan is having the problem.

    any ideas?

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    Have you done a tracert to the server from your house? that will show you where the bad hop is.

    You can use HLSW or a Command Prompt.

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    does it only happen in scrims, or in pubs also? does it hang immediatley, or does it run for 30 min then hang? i dont quite undersatnd why you reboot your computer. i guess system specs are also in order. i am no expert, i just like to post crap and pretend to be smart, so....good luck
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    well, its only when we scrim, but we usually scrim in our server, which is also our pub (we're in the process of getting a dedicated scrim) i can play just fine while playing pub, but whenever its cal config enabled things go bad. and when it hangs, it hangs immediately. i reboot the pc just to be safe because the first time it happened, it took forever to get back online after just resetting the modem.

    specs are as follows:
    1.8ghz athlon xp
    768mb ram
    200gb total (80 and 120)
    radeon x700pro agp 256mb
    verizon dsl 3.0mbps down

    @ craig, can you tell me how to do tracert in hlsw?

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