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Thread: Good Day SR

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    Good Day SR

    Hows it going everyone. I have been playing on your CS:S 24/7 Assualt Server for some time now. Thought I would finally pop in over here and say hey. Congrats to Scout for making the team. Looks like you guys have a nice sight, I will be sure to visit back often. Fortunatly for me, work allows me a lot of leisure time to visit forums. That may be unfortunate for you. Anyways, I will see you guys in the server!

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    haha welcoem Krutch! there's a ton of us that use the forums during Biz hours

    You should check out the Arcade section as well as the Off Topic when you need a quick break from work

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    sup Krutch... i dont play on assault often, but i jump on their with pin sometimes... that server needs a betting mod for the CTs

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    Duke just needs to learn how to shoot people so he gets $$$

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    Thanks for the welcome guys.

    To tell you the truth, I had no idea you guys had more servers. Never really bothered looking. Have you guys considered nameing yoru servers uniformly? So when people alphbatize their server list it shows sR.:. all in the same spot? I would have cought the other servers alot earlier this way.

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