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Thread: *O*T*C* Looking for a scrim.

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    Hello folks,

    Im from *O*T*C* Somehow we had a mixup for the scrim, about 10 to 12 of us were on ts waiting to scrim you guys and over the coarse of the time more joined but none of us ever got a conformation e mail on the scrim telling us what maps & all so we kinda figured it was off. Disfunct must have had personal issues because we havent heard from him since. Hes a damn good scrim coordinator and im sure it was a mix up. So those who showed up to face us i apologize for the mix up and hope we can reschedule this little get together. I will be playing on your servers in the coming days hope to see you all there.

    *O*T*C* Big Greasy

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    BigGreasy, glad someone came out to explain it. The guys on this server are an older, mature bunch and we play very well together. The other guy made some comments about disorganization and the like and totally blew us off. If you are looking for a place just to play against some good talent for practice, this is your place. We are looking to become a little more organized but the thing is that the guys here have been playing together for almost 2 years and can be a valuable tool for your clan to practice against. We are on almost every night around 10pm est especially during weekends. Bring your guys in for some practice and we can go from there.

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