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Thread: Microsoft Habu Mouse

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    Microsoft Habu Mouse

    Hi everyone. First post on your forums. I play often on your BF2142 server, thanks for a great gaming experience.

    Saw you had some reviews for the Habu and Deathadder. Was hoping someone on here could help me with my problem.

    I have a Microsoft Habu mouse and am experiencing the following in BF2142. The Total BF2142 forums were unable to help me.

    1. Buttons 6 and 7 are not recognized. Even when I use the software that came with the mouse and bind a key (lets say 1) to a button, it does not work. I can open up a word document however and press that button and it will type a 1 on the doc.

    2. When I press the mouse wheel down, my character spins in circles.

    3. Ocassially, I experience button lag.

    Any thoughts help with this is greatly appreciated.



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    hmm, are you using the driver off the cd or the updated ones off of razer's website?

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    Did you follow the installation directions to a T? The little insert says not to use the CD for the initial install. Furthermore you need to follow it through all the way to get the firmware update completed. This can be a slight PITA but if you follow the directions it's relatively straight forward.

    I followed those directions and using the bind feature of the software I can use the two extra buttons without a problem and have none of the other issues you've mentioned.

    Initial setup with this mouse can be a pain but beyond that it's a great mouse.
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    the guys over at razer blueprints are pretty knowledgeable.

    Razerblueprints - the razer community - MS Habu Mouse
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