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Thread: sR scrims

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    A deadly element Element-33's Avatar
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    sR scrims

    I was just wondering if any of the other sr members would be up for setting up a 5vs5 sr scrim in advance for this weekend so we're not left looking for several hours when the idea comes up.
    I was thinking like sunday around 8 est but w/e works best for everyone is cool with me.:yahoo:

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    hit me up when I'm in vent...i can't always commit but if I can, I will

    though I suck so be sure to put me on the other team if you're PUG'n

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    im in if im around, you know that.
    im probably hiding somewhere so page me or xfire me or aim


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    Halfway through, the loss of Assault, Frank, ASG clan, etc hit him and he wept in his maple syrup puddle.

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    If I'm online, I'm available to scrim. So catch me on XFire (always on), MSN (not many people have my MSN tho), Vent (sometimes I forget to log on).
    I might likely be on one of the sR servers, and that's a good way to find more scrim players, just shout out on all four servers and someone will join the scrim channel.

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    go back to eating your jesus eggs.

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    let's not turn this into a "looking for a scrim" channel.

    Rather, let's have someone set up an appropriate time and date for one to take place, so people can know when to show up.

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    damn, that's big!

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    If the 8 PM est on Sunday is the time, I'm out. Sunday is family day with the wife, so I can only get in a few rounds here and there.

    If this was say, Friday at 8PM est, I can commit to that. Friday night is my dedicated gaming night.

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    "So, I hear that you like Tea.." wick3dsick23's Avatar
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    At my cubicle...
    lol @ dedicated gaming night. Your wife must be an understanding person!

    I fail.....the end.

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    id be up for it, just get me on xfire or vent...
    TF2 Addict

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