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Thread: Can anybody type for me all of the sayings?

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    Can anybody type for me all of the sayings?

    Hi guys, i'm new to SR.
    I was looking all over the net for a list of the different sayings in BF2142, the ones that aren't in english like Rajah, Dank, Esuvo Destrumajah (the one that kindof sounds like "your mother" at the end. I'm pretty sure they are just jibberish but they still sound pretty cool, can anybody here spell out what they say?

    Also, I knew that in BF1942 the german side had their voices done by a real german sniper and the same with the japanese side, I was wondering if there was anything special about the voices in 2142.

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    they aren't jibberish. It's real Russian, my friend is Russian and understands it perfectly. Some full russian guy over at total bf2142 forums translated and english-spelled a bunch of them, good luck finding the thread though.

    My favorite is the one for "put down a beacon" sounds like "Maiyahk Youzion"

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