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Thread: PS3/360/Wii/PC Call of Duty: World at War (COD5)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcikra View Post
    lol Veteran.

    Veteran=Instead of the AI being John Elway with throwing nades at you, they are Joe Montana AND you are magnetized so nades can get to you even in the spots where they'd have to throw them through inches of open space. Furthermore, you can only get shot 1-2 max, and your "cooldown" takes forever, but taking cover will result in 8,214 nades at your genitals, and running results in every enemy being as accurate as an Olympic sport shooter. Lastly, and still present on all other modes--you're brothers in arms, should just suicide because they are only fodder for the enemy to kill anyways.

    In other words, enjoy stirring up your Hulk DNA while playing on Veteran, the only easy mission is the Sniper one (except, somehow, it requires 4 shots to kill the Sniper [damn good flak jacket]).
    Just wait until the 2nd to last Russian campaign... you'll be stabbing yourself in the eyes.

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    I Think the author (Mike Fahey) has a really good idea here. Think about it while watching the new dlc video for CoD:WaW at the link below.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Fahey
    At first the zombies in Call of Duty: World at War were merely a novelty, but the more I see of them the more I crave an entire game based off of the downed World War II zombie attack segment from the cult classic animated film Heavy Metal.
    Left 4 Duty: World At War

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    I played the demo. It was fun. I don't know if I would buy, or even rent the game though. Going through a a bunch of enemies knifing them all like I'm raged up on something...great feeling.

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