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Thread: CoD4 MP question:

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    CoD4 MP question:

    Is CoD4 multiplayer more like CS:S or BF2??? In other words: big environment or small environments like cs_office... I tend to like smaller CS like environments, i'm looking into getting this soon...I played the single player demo and it kills...
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    Small environments like CSS, its a good game if you get into a good server

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    Smaller than BF but larger than CS

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    The lack of vehicles makes the maps small...for obvious reasons. Mostly city like environments with many usable structures.

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    I've been playing this for 2 weeks now and I'm still finding buildings and holes to shoot out of. Smaller than BF2 and a little bigger than CSS. Unlike CSS however, you can get shot and never know where it came from until you see the Kill Cam.

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    I think it has BF2 essentials with CS:S action. Smaller than BF2 and larger than CS:S. The modes are mostly fast paced and not very repetitive, always a different way to kill or die.
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