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    9 is back ONLINE...

    Back in September many Battlefield 2 players came to the realization that (the most popular website used by Battlefield 2 players to check their stats), was down.

    Here is the orginal message posted by the owner of
    Quote Originally Posted by
    Gibson has died. Memory errors and, I believe, a hard drive failure have done it in.

    I will be shipping the server to myself and moving it's hosting to Sweden in the next week or two. Sadly, this will take some time. My apologies, picked a bad time to go south.
    Here is a timeline which shows many of the issues the guys at faced:
    [2007-10-19] Got password for a RAID controller
    [2007-10-21] Motherboard is dead, ordered new
    [2007-10-24] New Motherboard bought
    [2007-10-26] New motherboard installed
    [2007-10-29] Fixing File system errors
    [2007-11-01] Forum DB in tact, some stats lost
    [2007-11-06] Server working, nearly ready
    [2007-11-06] Server testing continues
    [2007-11-08] Linux, HTTPd, MySQLd, Gd, installed
    [2007-11-08] Server being delivered to DC
    [2007-11-13] Server installed at new datacenter
    [2007-11-15] Server accessible at new DC (bad setup on DC staff's part.)
    [2007-11-17] Data reconstruction going well, seems history data may be lost
    [2007-11-18] Wrong base system was accidentally installed, being taken down for reinstall
    [2007-11-20] Rebuild/reinstall complete. Installing packages from source...
    [2007-11-22] Install of all software complete. Gearing up for re-open tomorrow...
    Well 3 days ago the site went back online, sadly we had all been with out it so long many of us didn't notice the good news about BF2S!

    Well, to bring traffic back to the site anyone who was registered on the BF2S forums was sent this e-mail:
    Hello {username}!
    This is a one time email to let you know that BF2S is back up after a long 2 month down time.

    - - The Numbers Behind Battlefield 2

    It took a lot of work to get the server machine back up and running and we're happy to be serving up your BF2 Stats again.

    Additionally, the forums are thriving once again -- not only about BF2, but we're now expanding into covering other areas as well. Currently popular is Team Fortress 2 ( BF2S Forums / Source Engine Games ) and Call of Duty 4 ( BF2S Forums / CoD4 )

    I look forward to seeing you back at BF2S!

    - Jeff Minard, Chuyskywalker
    BF2S Owner

    (You are receiving this email because you have registered an email account at BF2S and haven't yet made it back to the site. This is a one time notice and you are not subscribed to anything!)
    The bad thing about BF2S coming back online is everyone will be able to see my shytty stats
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    That's whats up, time to get up on CoD on it
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