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Thread: fix for 2142 lockup when loading

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    fix for 2142 lockup when loading

    Shelks asked me to post this because the problem has happened to more than one of us who play TGL matches for 2142. It has to do with BF2142 locking up when loading maps. There is a file that needs to be deleted to fix this problem. It’s in the:

    C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142 folder, but you can’t see it unless you are in the XP Explore file browser. Inside of there you need to select ‘Tools” then “Folder options” then “view”. Uncheck the “Hide protected operating system files” ,and you will then be able to see and to delete the file called “radial.cdb”. This should fix your problem..

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    hasn't happened to me yet but if it does, now i know. thanks for the post
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    wtf this is old as guntizzle's balls

    but yes it does work for most ppl (it did for me when I had issues)

    I was wondering too why the F i couldn't find it too lol

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