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Thread: Just got it

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    Just got it

    I went out to best buy and finally picked it up since I always see you noobs in the COD4 channel I like the way it's packed like a music CD

    I see a few patches posted here. If I install it for the first time, will it automatically install the patches or will I have to download them?

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    doesn't matter. it won't work right for you.

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    jajaja, you finally sunk in. you'll love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeShark View Post
    doesn't matter. it won't work right for you.

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    oh, come on. you'll be in a support thread in 24 hours, max.

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    And the hardware thread.
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    Im just waiting until Christmas

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    Funny how my question isn't answered still. Actually it's not funny.

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    To answer your question: Most likely not. They dont have an auto updater yet to my knowledge. You need to download the zip file and extract it to your cod4 folder. it doesn't talk long, and there are only 2 so far (I think).

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    ok, the current patch is 1.2 you however don't need the patch to play. here are the common problems and remedies.

    General COD4 Issues

    COD4 crashes when i try to change graphics / sound settings
    XFire has been known to be one of the causes for this. Solution is to close XFire when making these changes.

    I cant play COD4 SP because it asks me to insert the correct DVD. But i have it in my drive
    * Hold down the left shift key when inserting the game disc if this problem is occuring on launch.
    * Make sure you have 32 bit drivers for your CD-ROM drive.
    * Set the CD-ROM cache size to zero.
    * Change the DMA setting on the CD-ROM drive.
    * Make sure the drive letters for the CD-ROM is set correctly.
    * Make sure that the location for CD music to play is set correctly.
    * Make sure your system can successfully play Audio CD's.
    * Turn off Auto Insert Notification.
    * If you have the CD burning software Alcohol 120% installed you need to turn off all of the emulation options.
    1) Go to File > Options.
    2) Click on Emulation in the menu to the left.
    3) Uncheck all options in the window to the right.
    * If you have CloneCD you need to turn off the Hide CDR media setting. This setting is accessable from the task tray icon for clone CD. Right-click on the icon and uncheck Hide CDR media.
    * If you have an Nforce based motherboard go to and get the latest Nforce drivers for your motherboard chipset.

    I have a Nvidia 7xxx GFX Card and get black objects in the game world / I get flickering lighting effects when they should be solid
    You should go and download the Nvidia Forceware Beta 169.04 (169.09 will have flickering for some) driver as this is known to fix this issue.
    Download from:
    Vista (32bit) 169.04
    XP (32bit) 169.04

    Also goto Microsoft Site and download / install the latest Directx End-User Runtime.

    When i look into the 'ironsights' the screen goes black,white and all blurry
    Turning OFF 'Depth of Field' in the graphics options is known to fix this.

    I get really bad lag when airstrikes happen. I cant move
    Make sure your antivirus is not running while you are playing. This can cause lag with airstrikes because you get sent a lot of data to tell your client where the bombs are dropping, where the planes fly to / from and all the other stuff that your client is usually getting sent too.

    I get a DirectX error / Crash to desktop (CTD) when trying to change settings
    Make sure you are not running Xfire when trying to change graphics settings because this is known to cause this error.
    You can change settings manually by going into the cod4/players/yourname folder and editing the config_mp.cfg file.
    To change the screen resolution:
    search for "seta r_mode"
    change the mode in the quotes to one you know works well.
    seta r_mode "1024x768"
    you can also change other settings this way if you look through the config file a bit Wink
    Also having the ATi Tray Tools on screen display running is known to cause this.

    I cannot run iw3mp.exe / iw3sp.exe it errors with 'iw3xx.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close'
    There are a number of possible reasons for this happening:
    Realtek onboard soundcards - Make sure you are using the newest drivers available. Some have reported that having a mic plugged in can fix this problem.
    Realtek onboard soundcards - Sometimes disabling / enabling these can make it work (even if you dont use them for sound)
    Realtek onboard soundcards and vista - Sometimes uninstalling the realtek driver and letting vista find its own works.
    AthlonXP and Sempron (not 64bit) - Go into the cod4/miles folder and rename 'mssmp3.asi' to 'mssmp3.bak'. The miles sound system included is known to have issues with 32bit processors. NOTE: This will disable ambient music in the game.
    Dual X2900xt in crossfire mode - Downloading the WDM driver from the Ati/AMD Site is known to fix this.

    I get random freezes and crashes while playing COD4
    Rivatuner, ATiTool, LCD monitor tools, NTune (NVidia Control Panel) and possibly any other hardware monitoring program installed and running when trying to play COD4 could possibly be the cause.
    Either close these applications or uninstall them and the problem should go away.

    I get random lag spikes in MP and have a wireless connection to my router
    This can be caused by the 'Wireless zero configuration' service in windows.
    To fix it you should install the application which came with your wireless card or dongle to control it instead of using the windows config.

    I get a crash with 'DirectX has encountered an error'
    Update your DirectX to the latest version from the Microsoft Site
    Make sure your drivers are upto date (For NVidia cards try the 169.04 beta drivers)
    You may need to reinstall the game to fix this.

    I have Vista 64 and the screen is freezing and the game crashes with 'Direct3d9::Present' Error
    This can be because your directX installation is out of date. Goto the Microsoft Site and download / install the latest Directx End-User Runtime.
    Try the nVidia 162.50 drivers. That fixed the problem for some people.
    ForceWare Release 162
    Vista 32-bit:
    ForceWare Release 162
    Vista 64-bit:
    ForceWare 162.50 WHQL Vista 64-bit download from

    I get a crash with 'Fastfile for zone 'some_filename_here' is corrupt or unreadable.'
    You will probably need to reinstall the game to fix this.

    COD4 wont start. It errors with 'Video card or driver doesn't support separate alpha blend, glow will be disabled.'
    This means that your video card is not supported. Onboard video chips, Nvidia cards older than the 66xx series and ATi older than the 98xx pro series are not supported by COD4. This could also be a driver problem so make sure your video drivers are upto date.

    COD4 Issues with PunkBuster

    I cant enable PunkBuster. How do I install it?
    Insert the COD4 dvd into the drive and browse it. Run pbsvc.exe to install PunkBuster.
    You may need to reinstall the game and choose to install PunkBuster this time when it asks you.

    I got kicked for 'PunkBuster Init Failed'
    This usually means your punkbuster isnt upto date. Get pbsetup run it and add Call Of Duty 4 to the list of games. Then hit check for updates. This should fix the problem.

    RESTRICTION: Unknown Windows API Function[131133]
    Apparently using the built in interface by steam in COD4 is cheating. Atlest it is according to punkbuster. To get rid of this error message open up steam and go to [ Settings -> In-Game ] and uncheck the Enable Steam Community In-Game button

    RESTRICTION: Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrB.exe handshaking failed.
    If you get this message it because your Punkbuster files are corrupt, missing or simply forgotten by PB. To fix this you should reinstall the punkbuster service module and reupdate PB. To do this you can go to your steam/steam apps/common/call of duty 4/PB/ folder and run pbsvc.exe to reinstall it. After that you should re-update it by using the pbsetup.exe.

    I get 'PB Client in Distress' error messages
    This is a problem with the PunkBuster authentication servers. Theres nothing you can do about it.

    I get kicked with 'Ignore queries #9006' message from punkbuster
    You have to open UDP port 28962 for Punkbuster Update.
    You can manually update with 'pbsetup.exe' from the Evenbalance website.

    Patch 1.2 Issues

    I installed 1.2 patch but when i check console it still says 1.1, And now the patch installer says i already have 1.2
    You can get a patch which was put together by some of the forum members which will fix this issue:

    Filefront (mirror)

    I installed the 1.2 patch from above but now get 'Please insert the correct DVD to start the game'
    You will need to reinstall the game and wait untill there is a patch for your downloaded version (get this from your distributor)

    I installed the 1.2 patch from above and now get 'Could not find zone "Call of Duty/zone/english/..'
    You will need to open 'localization.txt' in the cod4 folder and change the top line where it says 'english' to your language.
    check the 'zones' folder to see how they named it.

    I installed the 1.2 patch but now cannot see any servers in the server browser
    Check that your firewall is not blocking the new .exe, It has changed so this may be a cause.
    If your PC is set to be in the DMZ (De-Millitarized Zone) on your router. Try removing it.

    If ive missed anything here please post it below Smiley

    Thanks to everyone who found these fixes originally.

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