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Thread: Gaming in the real world

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    Gaming in the real world

    A question that’s often asked is how much of what we might experience in a real life situation is reflected in those games that claim to be as close to real as possible?

    Having spent most of my working life in the Armed Forces and spending most of my spare time fragging in ‘realistic’ 3D environments, I believe I’m in a position where I am pretty qualified to answer that question. So, bearing this in mind, I thought I’d put metaphoric pen to paper and see if I could come up with an answer.

    In fact, I plan to explore the blurring of realism in the gaming world in a series of articles as this particular subject is one that is close to my heart.

    The quandary facing the games publishers has only become more apparent as gamers have become more demanding for perfection and more realism thanks to more advanced graphics. Should the publishers make a game that is a reflection of fact or one that is based on perceived fact? To explain this, we will be talking about one of my favourite genres: the First Person Shooter and, more specifically, ones that use history or current events to set the scene for the action. | Gaming in the real world - Hollywood Reality?

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    Good read. surely there will be a blurring of lines in the future as machines powerful enough to render in real-time become available. THAT's what I'm hoping to see before checking out :-0

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    I just e-mailed the author to see if he would consider joining me on the air to discuss his article. Keep your fingers crossed.
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