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Thread: criticism welcome

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    token furry DNvCross's Avatar
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    criticism welcome

    This is the start of a work in progress. This is the team I scrim with, starting with meee:

    The second scene (dust2) is going to get deleted. tell me what you think of the rest of it so far:

    Quote Originally Posted by Craig View Post
    damn, that's big!

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    may the Bruce be with you CoffeeShark's Avatar
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    good music choice, slow-mo on the multi-kills is sweet. The Dust2 piece wasn't as exciting as the rest.

    Nice job.

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    Koala w/ Uzi TaxiDriver's Avatar
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    Not bad, got some nice kills and good music, the only thing you might want to try and clean up are the slow motion scenes, they seem a bit jerky.

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    i dont want to play you guys


    Originally Posted by DennyCrane
    Halfway through, the loss of Assault, Frank, ASG clan, etc hit him and he wept in his maple syrup puddle.

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    Awesome. Tyrant's Avatar
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    Criticism: You RAWK! :yahoo:

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    ącLK you're dead Relly's Avatar
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    Pretty good for a rough draft.

    Tips before continuing
    - Remove the HUD
    It makes it appear more cinematic. Watching it with the HUD makes it seem like I'm watching a demo.

    - Wide screen resolution
    Again, makes it more cinematic. A lot of movies nowadays are wide screen resolution. 16:9 aspect ratio is your best bet. I record my movies @ 1280x720 even though I play @ 1680x1050
    Run it in windowed mode if you don't have a wide screen monitor and create a shortcut just for your movie making needs.

    - Download a movie config

    If you have more than one account, I suggest you use the movie config on the account you don't use (that often). The config does it all. It removes the HUD completely, keeping only the crosshair, kill/death notice, CT/T win, and defuse progress bar. It also has hot-keys that allow you to toggle wifreframes/make walls invisible and hot-keys that allow you to adjust the speed with a touch of a button, without bringing up the DEMOUI.

    - Clean it up
    Also, you might want to render the video a little better. It looked distorted and I could see scan lines on it.

    Like you said, the second scene (dust2) wasn't movie worthy. Spraying and missing = bad. Keep it professional

    - Music
    Good choice of a song, especially the way you synced it with the first kill. I'd like to see more of this.

    PM me if you want that movie config.

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    Beard-triguing Unbroken's Avatar
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    ur a crackhead dude + those guys had some shitty tactics, but nice work. i agree w/ relly, try taking a higher quality vid if u can, i dont know how that shit works, so maybe its hard, but all in all, nice work
    Shotty h4x FTW!!!

    -(Asus P7P55D)-(Intel Core i7 860 @ 2.8ghz)-(4GB G.Skill Ripjaw DDR3 1333)-(Saphire Radeon HD 4870 1GB DDR5)-(Antec 850w)-

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    Fish Two-Thousand Ten Fish111's Avatar
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    lol a crackhead :confused:

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    The Tux Teck's Avatar
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    wtfbbqhax sigh!!!!

    Awesome video!
    "Teck will be working on God's forum" -VincentVega

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    Criticism: INTERLACING? WTFX? How do you take a non-interlaced source and make it interlaced?

    You don't have to do a 720p video like Relly said. If you can use a lower resolution, and bump the quality up to equal out the same file size. I'd rather have a lower resolution, high-quality video than a high resolution, low-quality video.

    I use H.264 for a video codec and AC3 for audio. I use Matroska as the container.

    If you have mencoder, mp4box and mkv tools installed, then these are good commands to use for a very high quality video.

    mencoder -of rawaudio -oac lavc -lavcopts acodec=ac3:abitrate=384 -ovc frameno -o audio.ac3 c:\video\input\file.avi

    mencoder -nosound -ovc x264 -x264encopts threads=2:crf=15.0:ssim:me=umh:8x8dct:nofast_pskip :frameref=6:subq=7:mixed_refs:trellis=2:qblur=0:bf rames=16:b_pyramidartitions=all:weight_b:qp_min=0 -vf scale=1280:720,harddup -ofps 30.000 -of rawvideo -o video.264 c:\video\input\file.avi

    (You can also substitute crf=15.0 for bitrate=2000 [or whatever you want]).

    Muxing it all together:
    mp4box -add video.264 -fps 30.000 video.mp4
    mkvmerge video.mp4 -D audio.ac3 -o "MYNEWGAMEVIDEO.mkv"

    You'll now have the highest possible quality video. This will produce video quality that's better than professional movie studios (this still depends on target file size).

    I'll record a short clip to show off the quality later.

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