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Thread: 2K Studios Talks About Bioshock's Storyline

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    2K Studios Talks About Bioshock's Storyline

    In this piece from Gamespot, Levine discusses the story behind last year's acclaimed hit Bioshock.

    "The bad news for storytellers is that nobody cares about your stupid story," Levine said. "Nobody cares about the thing you've been writing in your math notebook since you were in 11th grade about the dark lord Lagon and the fifth period of the Elven uprising, and all that crap you've been working on forever. I know that's hard to hear because you care about it a lot, but the audience is not your mom; they have no reason to be predisposed positively to the things you've been thinking about, no matter how detailed or lovingly you crafted it."

    Details, Levine said, are not the gaming storyteller's friend. That would be the game's world, the thing with which players are constantly engaged, the thing they stare at constantly when they're not being yanked away for a cutscene or a menu. To give an example of how much the gameworld can say, Levine showed off an early prototype of BioShock. While some of the textures, water leaks, and the iconic Big Daddy certainly looked familiar, the dank corridors of the prototype seemed lifeless compared to the vision of Rapture portrayed in the final game.
    I always find the inside scoop on how developers create their stories interesting. Believe it or not, these guys are paying big bucks to Hollywood script writers these days for concepts to tie their technologies to.

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    I still haven't bought this game, I want to cause the story is great and the graphics are awesome.
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