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Thread: All Talk and Team Talk

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    It would be up to the user and servers discretion though, so if it doesn't work for one person, you can turn it off, or parts of it off. Also, I think that it would just make the game funnier with Vega saying "I'm going left guys"

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    Quote Originally Posted by VincentVega View Post
    I'd like to say one more time that I agree with this. Too confusing. Also, be prepared to have noobs and people like me (one in the same) reply to a team-only discussion on all-talk, thereby letting the opposition into the conversation. Seems like it'd add too much fail all around to have that in game. Are there any games that this type of functionality built in? I haven't heard of any, but I play only a tiny percentage of what's out there.
    BF2 is a decent example of multi-channel voip...each squad would in essence be its own voip channel, and once you joined a squad you (the player) could talk to your squadmates without hearing/talking to anybody else on the server...there was also a channel for the squad leaders to talk to the commander (and vice-versa)...this isn't exactly all-talk and team-talk, and BF2 involves much more strategery than TF2 (which I agree is much more enjoyable if it's played to have fun first), but it does show off multiple voip instances in-game...

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    I like striking fear into the enemies hearts when they hear whoever Im ubering say "hit it viper". except for last night. I failed at medicing yesterday

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    need a dispenser here

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